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Professional e-Learning Tutorials from TechWRITE


Do you need to quickly provide cost-effective, sustainable education/training for employees, customers, or partners for your new products, programs or technology?


Contact TechWRITE ( to develop robust, customized e-learning courses that efficiently and effectively get your audience up to speed without breaking your budget.

We invite you to take at a look at some of our tutorial examples below. (To view the tutorials, you'll need Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher. Also, be sure your computer has a sound card and that the volume is turned ON.)

Example 1: How to improve your e-learning tutorials by using visual images

This short tutorial explains some techniques for using visuals effectively in your PowerPoint presentations and in your e-learning tutorials

Example 2: Laser printing system

This marketing-based tutorial provides information about the LP 100R, a high-performance laser imaging system designed to deliver quality printing on custom tags, labels, and forms. Featuring audio and video, the tutorial also includes information about a companion product, the CS-9018, which slits, cuts, and sequentially stacks the labels and tags produced by the printer.

Note: The laser printer (LP 100R) and the cutter/stacker (CS-9018) are products of SATO Labeling Solutions America.

Example 3: Expense management software application

This tutorial is the first of a series of 12 tutorials that explains how to use the important functions within a customized expense management software application. This short example (4 minutes) explains how to get started using the system.

Note: The application described in this tutorial is ManageRight®, an expense management system developed by TeleBright Inc.

Example 4: Adding reviewer's comments to a PDF
Example 5: The Importance of Proofreading
Example 6: Creating cross-references in Word
Example 7: Adding a chapter number to a page number in Word
Other Examples

Check back to see these other examples as they become available.

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