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Free Evaluation

TechWRITE offers a free evaluation to determine which online platform would be best for your situation. To perform this evaluation, we need to know some information about the technical manuals or training materials that you want to put online. After you fill out the following form and submit it, we will respond with an e-mail that contains recommendations designed for your particular situation.

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What kind of information are you interested in putting online?

Does the information already exist in some format, or is this an entirely new project?

If the information exists, is it in electronic format?

If the information exists, does it currently need to be revised?

By how much?

Does the information need to be revised periodically?

How often?

How many people will be using this technical manual or these training materials?

Does each person have access to a computer?

What kind of computer?

Does each person have access to the Internet or corporate intranet?

What is the subject of the information?

By putting this information online, what are you hoping to accomplish?


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