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TechWRITE Mobile: Learning on the go

The amount of information business professionals are expected to know and use on the job is growing exponentially. But in a highly competitive, fast-paced world, business professionals don’t have time for lengthy training courses. They need quick access to engaging training modules they can complete at their own pace – anywhere, at any time.

At TechWRITE, we specialize in creating training courses designed to help your business professionals maximize their downtime. Using just the right balance of text, images, and interactions, along with audio and video, our mobile learning courses provide engaging “bursts” of information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format for display on the latest mobile devices. This means easy access to training anytime, anywhere – during business travel, while commuting to and from work, at home, or even in the office while waiting for a meeting to begin.

Studies have shown that people learn more effectively when they get information in small chunks. And when they get their information through technology that is engaging, familiar, and comfortable, they learn even faster – and retain more of what they have learned.

TechWRITE can help you leverage the power of mobile to put quick, cost-effective sustainable learning right in the palm of your hand.

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