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"TechWRITE did an extraordinary job of analyzing over 200 pages of complicated programmer's notes, bulletins, and system diagrams. They created an attractive, easy-to-use manual for our brokerage clients. Senior management was very pleased with their work."
Large Brokerage Firm

"We had a variety of source document types requiring multiple changes. The TechWRITE team provided immediate solutions, when other companies did not want to deal with the complexity. All projects are consistently on time and free of errors. The entire team is always professional, while direct to business. They address issues and deviations with solutions immediately. Their integrity and professionalism keeps TechWRITE in our first to call list."
Manufacturing Company

"TechWRITE has done a great job with technical publication services including editing, graphics, proofreading and publications' management (on over 200 manuals). In an environment with exceptionally tight turnarounds, they have always published our manuals on time and according to the highest standards, in addition to striving to continuously improve the process."
--FORTUNE 500 Company

We’ve had excellent experiences working with TechWRITE in the past, so when we needed an informational video we contacted them first. TechWRITE was very proactive in the process start to finish. They helped us clarify our message, state it concisely, illustrate our major points, and add the supporting text, audio, and video. They grasped the project scope during the initial meeting, quickly established a schedule, and delivered the project on time and within budget. The impact was greater than hoped for, thanks to TechWRITE. Our company benefited from their underlying focus of “We want you to be satisfied."
--International Manufacturer of Printers

TechWRITE created 12 e-learning modules with audio narration for our ManageRight product.
They analyzed the subject matter, wrote the script, created the animations and produced a highly professional online system for training users of our expense management system. We had to provide training to employees, partners and customers on implementing our software. The online training that TechWRITE developed provided exactly the solution we were looking for. And they did it on time and within budget. 

--Software Development Company

TechWRITE developed e-learning courses for our international SAP users. They did a top-notch professional job, ensuring quality and creativity throughout the process. I recommend TechWRITE not only for e-learning projects, but for technical writing projects as well.
--FORTUNE 500 Company

"TechWRITE took four to five years' worth of internal policy publications and summarized them into
12 chapters of text. What this has done for the users is:

  • Summarized five years of individual policy paperwork into a concise resource.
  • Provided easy and handy indexing of the text for quick research.
  • Made the user want to look up information because it's easy.

Our employees are very excited to have this easy resource tool at their fingertips. The task that TechWRITE performed for us in this compilation is invaluable as a time-saver of man-hours spent in researching this type of information."
Mortgage Insurance Company

"I find your instructions GOOD and EASY to follow." --Nuclear Engineering Company

"The Help file looks great!" --Publishing Company

"When we received our first draft of the Help file, I was particularly impressed with its thoroughness and level of detail."
Chemical Products Company

"Everything looks very good." --Search Firm

"TechWRITE did a fine job, especially given the limited time frame for the project."
--Scientific Publishing Company


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